Best holiday wishes from Creative Ideas


We have worked hard in 2018 providing people a chance to discover and use their potential:
- We implemented 5 projects on such topics as migrant integration (PRIME), creation of business ideas based on local cultural heritage (RuralBuzz, CHEER), promoting reading for children (TRACE) and supporting the NGO sector.
- We employed 19 people and involved 3 volunteers, developed 4 project applications and took part in producing 5 more project proposals.
European dimension
- 5 youngsters and 5 trainers participated in a summer school for youth in Trikala, Greece, to develop their business ideas based on local cultural heritage.
- We hosted 4 visits of foreign guests from Sweden, Poland and Greece and facilitated their networking with Latvian peers.
- We visited Linköping, Sweden, to learn more about supporting young migrants. 
Local activities
- In the capital city Riga we provided integration training for young migrants from such countries as India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan etc. 30 young migrants learned Latvian language, 8 youngsters received workplace mentoring, as well as participated in various workshops and study visits.
- In Balvi, Latgale, we organised a creative master class and an exhibition «The Patterns of Colours in North Latgale», offered seminar on voluntary work opportunities and took part in organising a visual arts competition for children and youth. 25 people planted 100 oak trees as a present for Latvia in it’s 100th birthday.

Our plans for 2019
- We will start a new project «Not just books – libraries for supporting entrepreneurship!» in cooperation with Balvi municipality in Latvia and Dedovichi District Central Library in Russia. The project focuses on strengthening and expanding business support system and involving libraries in raising entrepreneurship skills and spirit.
- We will organise a summer school for municipalities, libraries and NGOs working with small businesses in Latgale, Latvia, and Pskov, Russia.
- We will take part in selecting and translating traditional children stories from Latvia, Greece, Croatia and Spain to introduce children from their early age to the culture and tradition of other European countries and developing their critical thinking (TRACE project). 
- We will participate in developing a European wide training programme that will help long term unemployed boost their competences and exploit cultural heritage for social entrepreneurship (CHEER project).
- We will offer workplace mentoring for migrant youth in Riga in cooperation with prestigious hotels and restaurants in Riga (PRIME project).
- We will host our colleagues from Linköping, Sweden, to facilitate cooperation and transfer of best practise in migrant integration (PRIME project). 
- We will continue to generate ideas and expand our international cooperation with our peers in Europe in order to gain new experience, transfer best practise and activate international cooperation in Balvi and Latvia.