Our partners

The association is actively cooperating with educational organizations, NGOs and municipal institutions (life-long education center, library, art school, museum etc.)  to exchange experience and learn best practices to solve social, cultural, education and other challenges and promote development of Latvia and Balvi county.

Since 2013 society Creative Ideas is a member of:

Latvian Adult Education Association

Civic Alliance – Latvia

Latvian Rural Forum

Society has joined the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers (2013) and the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Riga Municipality (2014), as well as initiated the establishment of NGO coalition in Balvi municipality (2013) which includes 11 local NGOs.

Society Creative Ideas also cooperates with foreign NGOs from Sweden, Poland, Italy, Greece, Malta, Croatia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and other countries.