Strengthening the activity of the association "Creative Ideas" to mobilise civic society in North Latgale

No 2019.LV/NVOF/DAP/035

The aim of the project is to strenghten the capacity of the association Creative Ideas by implementing activities and initiatives focused on expanding the activity of the association, mobilising civic society and involving new members in the Latvian NGO sector.

The project includes the following activities: 5 intercultural events in North Latgale, an NGO networking event, an informative campaign on European Parliament elections, submitting at least 5 opinions on policy papers, a voluntary work activity with at least 15 volunteers, preparing and submitting at least 6 new project proposals to attract financing and expand services offered by the association, development of internal documentation and training on the administration of the association's website.

Project is being implemented from 1st January 2019 until 31th October 2019 and is financed by the Latvian State budget programme "NGO Fund". The project is financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation from the Latvian State budget.