Strengthening the Operation of the Association “Creative Ideas”

No 2018.LV/NVOF/DAP/MIC/015 

The project includes the strategic planning of association's work, the evaluation and updating of association's strategy for the years 2014-2020 and the attraction of new members. Informative and educational support will be provided for NGOs and informal interest groups, including such activities as the improvements of the association's web-site, it's translation to English and Russian languages, as well as the development of the mobile version of the web-site.

In order to facilitate intercultural dialogue, a creative masterclass "The Patterns of Colours in North Latgale" will be organised in Balvi with an aim to learn more about the artists of North Latgale and create at least 10 new visual artworks. These artworks will be devoted to the celebration of 100 years of Latvia and exhibited in a public sector institution in Balvi. In order to encourage voluntary work, a seminar will be organised and individual consultations conducted about the importance and opportunities of the voluntary work. Also the involvement of NGO and society in the policy making and implementation will be promoted and additional financing attracted to ensure the sustainability of the association by drafting new project proposals.

The project takes place from the 1st January 2018 until the 31 October 2018 and is financed by the Latvian State budget programme "NGO Fund". The project is financially supported by the Society Integration Foundation from the Latvian State budget.