All groups are currently complete, but we are planning new projects, which might start in June. We invite potential participants from Ukraine to register here.

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We would like to inform you that we have received more than 400 applications. We can offer courses to approximately 120 people.

We are doing our best to organise high quality courses for as many people as possible. Information on other Latvian language courses is available at



The training course will last 120 academic hours from January/February until June 2022. The courses will take place in the School of Public Administration (Raina Boulevard 4) and HOTEL SCHOOL Riga (Smilšu Street 3, Old town). Training is planned face-to-face (with snacks provided) and online.

The courses are open to third-country nationals, refugees, persons who have been granted alternative status and asylum seekers who are legally residing in the territory of Latvia.

Latvian language teachers: Ineta Moroza, Eduards Ādmīdiņš

Latvian language courses are organized by the association "Creative Ideas" within the project "Our Home - Latvia III" (PMIF / 6/2021/4/02). The project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund for 2014-2020 and the Latvian state budget.


About us

Creative Ideas is a non-governmental organization. It was established on 12 October 2011 in Balvi, when the members of the association come together to promote the development and international recognition of Balvi town and municipality, to diminish social exclusion and to solve important issues for the community by elaborating and implementing projects and by mobilizing local society.

Creative Ideas specializes in education, research, society integration, culture and rural development, as well as EU issues and priorities. Currently we have more than 40 members with extended experience in local, national and international project implementation. We work in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and Balvi town*.

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During the 10 years of our operation, we have involved at least 1000 unique persons in the project activities, introduced Latvians to other countries and cultures, helped to integrate more than 500 migrants by implemented more than 25 donor-founded projects.

We cooperate with state and municipal institutions (ministries, employment office, library, museum, art school, schools etc.), higher education institutions, NGOs and NGO networks to exchange experience and bring best practices to the community. Half of our projects have been implemented in cooperation with our partners abroad, in Sweden, Greece, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Malta, the UK, the Netherlands etc.

The association's aims are: 

  • to promote culture, lifelong learning, health, craft, environment protection, tourism sectors sustainable development, preservation and maintenance of their affiliated infrastructure;
  • to promote civil society;
  • to diminish social exclusion;
  • to strengthen cooperation among generations;
  • to facilitate cooperation from local to international level and inter-regional cooperation.

The values of our association play an important role and are as follows: Expertise, Experience, Loyalty and Development.

We are a member of national umbrella organisations such as: Civic Alliance–Latvia, Latvian Adult Education Association and Latvian Rural Forum. We have joined the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Cabinet of Ministers in Latvia and the Cooperation Memorandum between NGOs and the Riga Municipality, as well as in 2013 initiated the establishment of NGO coalition in Balvi municipality, which includes 11 local NGOs.


* Balvi municipality is located in North East of Latvia nearby Russian Federation border - EU external border; it is 220 km from Riga, capital of Latvia, 128 km away from Tartu in Estonia and 122 km from Pskov in Russia. Balvi municipality area is around 1045.26 kmand there are around 16 000 inhabitants, from which half of them live in Balvi town.